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payment request email  

Our email series is all about drafting effective emails to clients when registration and payment deadlines are looming and it was a huge hit with hundreds of thousands of reads and thousands of likes. Thanks for the support! Since it seems this is something that you all really want to know more about, we decided […]

registration email template ebook  

This weeks eBook is all about EMAIL! Email is still the killer app on the internet. 91% of people check their email every single day making it the best method of communication by far. This means that unless you are running a pretty small program or event, email is the primary way you are communicating […]


To custom build or not to custom build, that is the question! Actually not “the” question but the one I will be dealing with in this post. So what is a “custom registration software”? In the software world a “custom system” is: A software built just for you. A software that is either not based on […]


Today we published a video on Regpack’s YouTube page all about our how our conditional logic functionality works. I have talked about conditional logic A LOT on the blog. See here, here, here and here. I talk about it a lot because it’s a huge part of our software and what gives our software the […]

integrated payment software  

While many organizations have moved registration online, they still collect payments the old fashioned way. Whether it’s because they don’t want to pay for an online registration payments software, or because they don’t know how to go about offering automated online payments, the fact that so many aren’t doing it is crazy! While there is of […]