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As a software vendor I am constantly working with many different software and suppliers. Over time I’ve started to learn and notice that the cheapest solution “price” wise isn’t always the cheapest solution “cost” wise. This sounds confusing since price and cost mean the same thing, right? In this case, no. What do I mean […]


One of the biggest questions a prospective client asks me frequently is “What are Regpack’s best features?” or “What features does your software offer?” or “How do Regpack’s features compare to company X?” The “features” question isn’t a bad one, and of course there is a good answer to it (and yes, Regpack has more […]

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I’m excited to announce that Regpack is newly listed in the Buyer’s Guide on the American Camp Association (ACA) website as a Business Affiliate. You can view our listing here. Regpack has been serving the camp community for several years now and we’re proud of how we’re able to serve the camp industry. We have […]

I am ALWAYS ASKED what are my best onboarding practices and strategies for organizations since this is basically what my software and business are all about. I have to understand of course, what works best and what features in a software are most effective so that Regpack can help any organization onboard as many clients as […]


Whether in the non-profit business world, educational classes, youth camps, conferences or anything that demands a client onboarding process, your profit is important. That’s why you want to find ways to generate more income but without changing everything you do. Additional income is what allows you to offer better programming, more value to your clients and […]

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