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The ultimate registration guide ebook  

Another day, another awesome Regpack eBook available for downloading, and it’s totally free! This eBook delves into the world of client communication and how to use an online registration software to automate client communication within your organization. Get Your FREE: Your Ultimate Guide to Client Communication PDF Download   This eBook is packed full of […]

online registration software features  

One of the biggest questions a prospective client asks me frequently is “What are Regpack’s best features?” or “What features does your software offer?” or “How do Regpack’s features compare to company X?” The “features” question isn’t a bad one, and of course there is a good answer to it (and yes, Regpack has more […]

after school program registration software  

We began working with Dave Hathaway at Kids’ Rock! in 2014. Kids’ Rock! is a Christian after-school program in Oregon. Children meet weekly to study the bible, worship and play! As you’ll learn in the interview below, when Dave and his wife want to start expanding and offering their program to more schools, they realized […]

Team work makes all the difference!  

In this awesome post on team collaboration by Neil Patel, he says that the key to keeping a team working well together is: “1. Good planning and 2. Using useful tools”. While planning is important, this post will focus on the TOOLS that every team can be using, with the right software, to effectively manage […]

online registration software solutions  

I’ve written before about looking for ‘solutions’ to problems instead of looking for features when seeking out a great online registration software. After all more is not always better! I still think that no one should really care about features or the amount of them their software boasts having, as long as the problem they […]