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It seems simple right, get some volunteers, have a great idea, have some uniforms made and put together a team and bada bing! A sports league is born! But there are a bit more steps involved. After working with many sports leagues on their league management software and creating a successful sports league software for […]

event registration software  

When on the hunt for an event registration or conference registration software, deciding what is most important for your registration needs is the first thing you need to do. But like all important things, this is easier said than done. Narrowing down the list to the things that really matter can be a challenge. This […]

Choosing the best online registration software can be an involved task. What are the options available for your type of business? How much will it cost? These are all valid questions, however the first question you should be asking before tackling the ones just mentioned, is do I need an online software solution for my […]

nonprofit software  

Capterra graciously asked me to write a guest blog post for their Nonprofit Technology Blog. I wanted to write about something helpful and relevant for nonprofit professionals and put together an advice column of sorts on what to look for in a nonprofit software, and how to compare software options the right way. I highlight […]

payment request email  

Our email series is all about drafting effective emails to clients when registration and payment deadlines are looming and it was a huge hit with hundreds of thousands of reads and thousands of likes. Thanks for the support! Since it seems this is something that you all really want to know more about, we decided […]