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custom registration software  

You got the thumbs up to go ahead and find an online registration software for your organization. GREAT! You have done the most important step towards increasing the number of registrations you get, the amount (and speed) of funds you receive and most important –  the time you and your administration team are going to […]

cost of online registration software  

As a software vendor I am constantly working with many different software and suppliers. Over time I’ve started to learn and notice that the cheapest solution “price” wise isn’t always the cheapest solution “cost” wise. This sounds confusing since price and cost mean the same thing, right? So what is the cost of online registration […]

group registration  

I am asked frequently enough by clients or just people in the event professionals world, whether the benefit of group registration is worth it when it comes to choosing an event management software. Is it really that hard for a company sending a group of attendees to a conference to register themselves individually? Is it […]

The ultimate registration guide ebook  

Another day, another awesome Regpack eBook available for downloading, and it’s totally free! This eBook delves into the world of client communication and how to use an online registration software to automate client communication within your organization. Get Your FREE: Your Ultimate Guide to Client Communication PDF Download   This eBook is packed full of […]

online registration software features  

One of the biggest questions a prospective client asks me frequently is “What are Regpack’s best features?” or “What features does your software offer?” or “How do Regpack’s features compare to company X?” The “features” question isn’t a bad one, and of course there is a good answer to it (and yes, Regpack has more […]