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Since my “Email How-To” series was so successful and I got such great feedback, I decided to continue on the awesome train and bring you some more commonly sent emails to applicants and registrants during the registration process. As always, feel free to use the text how you wish and make it your own! Today’s […]


With the state of the economy these days it’s no wonder people both personally and in business want to find the best deal. Saving money can sometimes be the difference between profit and loss. Couple that with good old capitalism and you get many software companies offering cheaper deals to businesses. But is the old […]


Ah… Registration! The thing we all do not want to do but want our participants and clients to do as much as possible. During my many years of working in the registration field (with more than 3,000 organizations worldwide from super small to as big as Goodwill and Stanford as clients) I have seen the […]

Application Questions Registration Process  

We recently presented the following 4 posts in a “How-To Series” on email communication with your applicants and registrants and using automated registration and application software to effectively communicate via email. We hope these posts have helped, and we wanted to round up all the posts in one place so you can easily access all […]


To continue with our ‘Email How-To” blog, we give you: Writing a Great Payment Request Email to Applicants and Registrants! If you missed our last few posts, have no fear! Read all about writing a great registration email,  writing an incomplete registration email and how to write an awesome payment acknowledgement email. Writing an effective email to […]

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