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Best registration practices

registration reporting tools  

Creating awesome reports for your organization is often times at the top of the list for many seeking a great online registration software. They want to make sure a key feature offered with the software is easy to use and helpful reporting tools. Sadly though, many people often settle for static reports or reports that […]

increase sales 35%  

Regpack is all about taking feedback from our clients and what they really NEED from their online registration software and making it happen! Our clients are always looking for ways to increase orders, and and data shows that this new feature in Regpack’s software does just that! One functionality that many camps, events, sport leagues […]

building online registration  

The online registration software you use is essentially your storefront. The first meaningful interaction your applicant has with you might likely be your application and registration process. Regpack receives tons of questions on how to build an online registration process, as transferring what you do on paper isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. […]

Online Registration Software Questions  

Below we’ve answered the 3 most popular questions organizations ask about online registration software. In future posts we’ll take on writing an effective application, answer popular questions on social media for marketing and connecting with clients and even more answers about specific challenges and topics in the online registration software world! Feel free to ask […]

registration software  

Should your registration process be set in stone before deciding on your preferred online registration software. Well… the truth is (spoiler alert!) that it is actually better if it is not! In this post I am going to go through the suggested process for registration with regards to your actual registration process when working on […]

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