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why pay for registration software  

If you are still on the fence regarding paying for a registration software or are in the process of evaluating various options, this is a post exactly for you When thinking of a registration software and connection that to paying your first thought might be, why should I pay for something I can probably do […]

Camp Marketing Tactics  

I always like to be updated with anything that is connected to what our clients are doing. At Regpack we have more than 2,000 camps using our system to register, manage and communicate with their campers so obviously I try to keep up to date with anything happening in the camp world. During time I […]

software pricing models  

When on the hunt for a registration software, it can be overwhelming for many reasons. There are tons of features offered (which one is best for you?), many add-on’s to consider (social media integration, emails, payment processor, etc) and of course, the cost of the system itself. When money enters the conversation, you will see […]

Creating a company blog  

Blogging is great for your organization. It’s a way to communicate with current and future clients, to vent, to get your voice out there and comes with the added value of the marketing and SEO boost that it gives your organization. I have been writing this blog for two years now (my… how time flies). I can still […]


Since my “Email How-To” series was so successful and I got such great feedback, I decided to continue on the awesome train and bring you some more commonly sent emails to applicants and registrants during the registration process. As always, feel free to use the text how you wish and make it your own! Today’s […]

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