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25% more attendees! 30 days faster payments!

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Get higher-quality signups

with simpler registration

Simplify registration.

An intuitive registration process means that applicants only see the questions that are relevant to them, right now. That means fewer distractions between them and your checkout page.

Accept payment in multiple methods and currencies.

A complicated payment process can lose you applicants. Whether your attendees are paying dollars or Euros, credit cards or electronic transfers, we make it easy for you to process payments.

Build better relationships.

With Regpack you can register applicants, process payments, and manage client profiles all in one system that you can brand and customize in any way you need. What other software gives you that kind of power?

Improve your business results

by managing attendees over time

Set up attendee dashboards.

When attendees sign in, they can see every session they’ve ever signed up for, browse upcoming events that might interest them, and get social media tools to share their plans with friends and colleagues.

Build attendee profiles and client histories.

Our records travel with the applicant, for the entire life of your business. So if an applicant signs up for two networking events this spring, you know to alert them about the event you have coming up in June.

Keep in touch with all of your attendees.

Registration software is just the beginning of what Regpack offers. Once an applicant registers, we help you send out emails, newsletters, and other notifications at just the right time, so that you can build ongoing relationships with your applicants.

Design better, more cost-effective events

with better processes and powerful reporting

Get stats on every question.

The registration process gives you a lot of valuable information: which sessions are the most popular, what times are most convenient, which speakers are the biggest draw. We let you look at the stats on every aspect of that process, so that you can plan even better events.

Change with the times.

You learn more with every event. That’s why we made it easy to rearrange questions, add or change fields, and even run A/B tests to see what works best for your applicants and your organization.

Save money.

Our risk-free pricing means that you pay for an applicant only when they become an attendee and only once, then never again. That way you get even more value out of applicants who attend multiple events.

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  • 25% more applications!
  • 30 days faster payments
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