Sports league registration inlcuding payments, athlete management and automatic messaging to player groups.

Gather information, create player groups, give access to administrator only to the player groups they should see and notify instantly on practice updates.

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Simplify player registration

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Help parents with intuitive registration.

Parents don’t want to see irrelevant questions on forms — only what’s important for their child. With our smart forms, they can breeze through the process, right to your checkout page.

Register more than one player at once.

When parents register one player this year, they’re already half finished with his little brother’s registration. Consistent information like addresses, emergency contacts, and availability can be shared between players in a family.

Accept payment in multiple methods and currencies.

Parents want to give their children a memorable experience, not worry about transaction fees. We make it easy for parents to pay in credit cards, electronic transfers — whatever they want. And that makes it easier for you to get more players on board.

Get in touch and stay in touch

with applicant-centered tools

Put the parent in control.

Status bars and clear balances empower parents throughout the application process. And the player dashboard continues that experience by giving parents simple summaries, personalized recommendations, and optional social media tools.

Serve up just the right options.

Parents don’t want to spent time tracking down the right forms to register for this season, next season, and tournaments. Our smart forms mean that parents always see only relevant options, at just the right time.

Build a winning team.

Regpack is more than just registration software. We also give you the tools you need to schedule and send emails, newsletters, and other notifications to the parents and players you need to reach, when you need to reach them.

Grow along with your team

using the power of nimble forms

Change with your change-ups.

New players and new season can mean new needs. Whenever you need modify your registration process, add or change fields, or even run A/B tests to see what works best for your league, Regpacks is on your team.

Optimize, optimize, optimize.

You know how important it is to have the right player in the right position. Move forms around. Introduce conditional fields at just the right time. The game plan is an adaptive process that makes families feel like someone is right there with them, anticipating their needs.

Major League tools with a Minor League price tag.

Our tools are just as powerful as the ones used by the big guys — but they’re easier to use and cost a fraction of the price. You can capture any data, run any report, and view statistics on any field.

Keep everyone informed and secure

with robust permissions and flexible player profiles

Keep an ongoing player roster.

From the initial medical record and forms for the city, through address changes or even performance records, each applicant builds a profile that will travel with the player as he or she grows to become as star player.

Give everyone (only) the information they need.

You can run custom reports on any aspect of any field. That means it’s easy to give everyone — parents, coaches, managers, boosters, and more — all the info they need, without compromising any private data.

Take your records offline, too.

Unreliable internet. Away games. Tech-wary coaches. Lost smartphones. When you can’t be online, you can still get access to player records. Download anything and everything in any format you want with one click.

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