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Online Church Registration Tools That Benefit YOU!

Family and Group Registration

Easily register families or groups for courses, events and more!

Unlimited Events and Communication

Unlimited events, email messages, surveys and more! Included in every plan.

Online Payments and Invoicing

Integrated payment processing. Online payment portal, send invoices via email and more from inside your registration.

Easy Reporting and Statistics

Filter and find any data points you need to create reports for your whole team.

Scheduler & Check-In

Schedule multiple activities for participants to sign-up for.

Easy Reporting

Regpack gives you the tools to export and share it with team members, suppliers, and other applications.

Data Filtering

Regpack gives you the power to filter your users information in any way you could ever want or need.

Automatic Billing

All you need to do is set parameters for the automatic payments, create payment plans and schedules, and Regpack will do the rest!

In short, all the GREAT COMMENTS you read about Regpack are TRUE!

OUTSTANDING support and service from Regpack staff. Super EASY for attendees to register. Gave us the EXACT DATA we needed to plan and prepare for our event. Quick process to contact attendees with important info. Will definitely use again for our next event. Cindy Thompson CREW Planning Team

Regpack saves us money!

We were spending more time and money on the admin end, making internal changes and bringing in an intern or hiring a part time person to help with administration of the event. Now, the system does 90% of the work for us, so it’s saving time and money. Andrew Nakamura Finance and Properties Coordinator, FourSquare District Church

I highly recommend Regpack!

It is awesome to have an online registration system that can be so easily modified to fit our every need. From the initial inquiry phone call all the way to final training call, the customer service was kind, thorough and very helpful. Stephani Pretti Children's and Student Ministry Pastor

I would definitely recommend Regpack.

The benefits are by far significant compared to what traditional church registration systems provide. Huge savings in terms of time and a definite improvement in the quality and completeness of the information held by the system. The ability to see the data through different filters and the reporting are extremely convenient; the ability to simply manage the data on hand is an excellent plus for our religious education program. Cristina Folan Communications Support Coordinator, Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel

Regpack is flexible!

I looked closely at 4 or 5 different systems and I chose Regpack based on several credentials. First and foremost, Regpack was very flexible. It would do what we wanted it and needed it to do and the prices were better than the others. Michael Fusco Director of Religious Education, Parish Community of St. Helen

Regpack is customizable!

The main things that caused me to go with Regpack, it seemed like the most flexible platform. Other systems were kind of focused on and built for certain types of registration. With Regpack, it was more open and not geared towards a particular type of registration. It was very customizable for our needs. Dave Hathaway President, Kids' Rock Ministry