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Alternative to Thriva Online Registration Software

Compare thriva online registration software by active networks vs Regpack online registration software.

If you are like many organizations scrambling to find an alternative to Thriva now that the software has announced that they will no longer operate after December 2020, you’re in luck!

Regpack is a great alternative for Thriva customers – offering similar features, at a better price point!

Learn more about Regpack and how it compares to Thriva below!

How are Regpack and Thriva the same? Hint: they are general registration tools.

Regpack, like Thriva, is great for any event, camp, conference, or class registration. Regpack integrates online payments right into the registration process, and provides a back end database where admins can manage their sign-ups, payments, generate reports, and more.

Regpack can also handle variable pricing options, automated discounts, email communication, check-in, and attendance functionality.

How are they different?

The biggest differences are: price, contracts, and embedded registration.

Online Registration Software Features

Check out the comparison chart below to see how Active and Regpack stack up against each other.

Regpack and Active Network are pretty much equal when it comes to the big name features most companies are looking for when they are in the market for registration software. These include:

A note on Solicitation and Marketing

Regpack doesn’t sell or advertise or solicit to your users. Active Networks may advertise or solicit your users, with a function to turn it off per user. When it comes to user data, a great question to ask any registration provider is who owns the data, and what rights does the registration software company have when it comes to your data, if any.

Active Network works with a lot of organizations and offers up a free listing to their events database to their clients, which is great for marketing. On the flip side, Active has been known to sign-up attendees up for an Active “membership”, and many attendees are frustrated by this. This is a big reason Active clients look to Regpack as an alternative after this happens to their attendees.

Active also signs up attendees to their Newsletters, automatically so attendees must opt-out. Depending on the user experience you are wanting to pass on to attendees, this is a consideration.

Conditional Logic Features

The basic idea behind conditional logic is it sets up a logical flow of forms and questions for every individual applicant. For example, if you have a camp that offers before or after care, you might ask “Do you wish to enroll in Before and After care?”. If the answer is no, then the flow continues to the next form. If the answer is yes, another set of forms will be added for the parent to select which aftercare options and complete any paperwork specific to this program.

This makes the registration process flow perfectly for every unique family. A family not doing aftercare will have a shorter process and won’t be shown any forms that don’t relate to the program they are registering for. This makes registration easy to follow and understand.

Regpack takes conditional logic a step further and activates it for filtering and reporting on applicants. Essentially you can allow conditional logic for any data point, including forms, products, payment plans and more. With Regpack you can also stack conditions on top of each other. For example, if you want to see all campers who have completed an aftercare form, who are male, and have not yet paid their full balance, you can do that with Regpack!

This is a very powerful tool that makes managing registration, campers and payments MUCH easier. It helps to build a big picture of all your data, including demographic information and financials.

As always, when choosing a registration software, follow these steps:

  1. Define your needs, then your wants. Make a list of what you need from a system, as well as things that would be nice.
  2. Compare options to see if what you NEED is offered.
  3. Once you get a nice handful of options that give you what you need, reach out to them and schedule demos. The best way to see if the software is a good fit for you is to do a demo and see the system. Is it user-friendly? Intuitive?
  4. Compare costs. And not just the price of the system, but the total cost. With Regpack and Active, you see their pricing models differ greatly. Unpack the true cost of the system, ask questions and understand your number of users, your needs and how you will use the system – what is the real cost of using that software. What looks cheaper initially isn’t always (but sometimes is!) the most affordable option.
  5. Go with your gut! There is no science behind this, but often times if you’ve narrowed down your choices enough, there is one that just stands out. Go with it!

If you want to learn more about how to choose a registration software, check out this handy eBook. Bonus? It’s totally free!

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