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Guide to Choosing an Online Registration Software

Guide to Choosing an Online Registration Software - Online advertising

Choosing the best online registration software for your organization is sometimes an overwhelming decision process, with many steps.

Lucky for you, this infographic has broken down those steps into 3 actionable items that will making choosing your online registration software platform simple and easy!

How to Choose a Registration Software for Your Organization:

  1. Define your needs. Think about this in context of your pain points and what problems you need to solve. Then look for software that includes features needed to solve these problems. Features are nice, but you need a software that will address YOUR needs.
  2. Make sure the pricing structure makes sense for you. This infographic breaks down 3 pricing models. Depending on your organization, one model might not be the best choice for you. Consider this when choosing software.
  3. Find a balance between cost and function. Remember that paying for software actually saves you money over a paper system. You’ll get MORE savings if you find a software to automate your process and make your admin job easier. That being said, don’t spend a ton of money for features you don’t need. Find the balance of the right software, at a price that fits your budget.

While it isn’t something to just close your eyes and point to your choice, it is a process that can be simplified.

The infographic below does just that.

It includes some great statistics about online registration software and a breakdown of the steps every organization should take when making a software choice.

Online Registration Software Features Everyone Needs

If you want to delve deeper into the topic, here is a great eBook with 30+ pages with tips and tricks to selecting the best registration software for your organization.

You’ll find that first defining your needs will help narrow down a registration solution that fits you best. But there are some core functions that every software should offer that will benefit a wide variety of organizations.

Those essential core registration features are:

  1. Integrated Payments 
  2. Conditional Logic
  3. Autobilling Functionality 
  4. Dynamic Filtering
  5. Ability to Embed 

Flexible Online Registration Software for Classes, Events, Schools, Camps and More!

Many organizations have multiple organizational processes going on simultaneously and often times use the different software to manage each.

There are systems out there that can help make registration easy for your organization, and help to manage other processes at the same time. An online registration system can work primarily to onboard new participants, and can help manage leads and email marketing as well.

Finding the best online event registration software doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the steps below when evaluating your online registration options and you’ll find the best solution for your organization.

Choosing the Best Online Registration Software

Using the right registration software should:

Regpack has found with our own clients that admins save over 60 hours a month in registration management tasks when switching to our online registration platform.

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