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Monterey Peninsula College has worked with Regpack since 2014 managing registration for their continuing education course offerings, including their phlebotomy programs.

The software used by community college for credit course registration isn’t always a great or intuitive fit when it comes to managing these external programs. Flexibility when it comes to payment plans and course catalog presentation are important features to consider when looking for a software to manage registration.

Below we talk with Emily Mitchell, the program coordinator at MPC. She loves how Regpack makes it easy to manage registration and payments for their programs, how Regpack Support has helped her learn the system when she took over the roll, and how they’ve adapted since COVID-19 hit.

How is MPC using Regpack?

We use Regpack to handle our registration and payment for our continuing education programs. These programs offered through our college are processed completely separate from any of our regular for credit classes so it’s important we have a separate system.

Regpack helps us manage all of our registrants, and gets people set up on payment plans. It also helps us to easily group people by classes.

What was it like learning to use Regpack?

I joined the MPC team in Spring of 2020, which was a turbulent time. All of our courses were on pause, so I really started to learn the Regpack system later in the year.

The process to learn to use Regpack in our existing account was really smooth. I leaned heavily on the walk-through videos in the Help Center. I am a very visual learner, so I really appreciated the screen shots and the references. Working with the Support team and the Client Success team also helped when I had questions.

What has been the most valuable feature that Regpack offers for you?

I really like the search feature! I love that I can search an email or a name and quickly view their user profile and have access everything in that student account. That is super helpful so that I do not have to go into different parts of the system in order to access or see what payments they made or see what their mailing address. It’s all right there! This makes my day to day work go much more quickly and smoothly.

How do you use the reporting tools day to day?

It’s really easy to run a report on each product so we can produce a roster for each class, which we then send to the program director.

The sales reports are also helpful, since they show us how much each student has paid, and allows us to customize payment reminders to ensure everyone pays in full.

For our Phlebotomy program, students cannot complete the program until they are paid in full – so Regpack makes it really easy to see who has an outstanding balance so we can reach out quickly.

Does Autobill help to ensure that students pay in full?

Yes, Autobill is great for our students! Many enroll in this program to expand their career opportunities, and offering payment plans is a great feature as it allows them to plan out their financial commitment to the program and gives them the time they need to make the payments.

Would you recommend Regpack for other continuing education programs to manage registration and payments?

I think Regpack is a really easy to use program.

The cost of the software is great and I feel kind of like the equivalent of living in a small town with your support system, it’s amazing. I love that I can reach out with any question and know that someone is going to get back to me with an answer quickly.

All the training resources are also so helpful! Your training pages with all those videos and walkthroughs is one of the best training pages that I have come across in my professional career. We move a lot for my husband’s job, so I am used to being the new person in the office, so I am kind of just jumping in and figuring out what I’m doing. So, I personally just really appreciate that it makes it really easy if you have a position that might have a lot of turnover and or even if you might not have the people available to give you as much support in your own office.

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