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11 Pro Email Tips from Email Marketers

11 Pro Email Tips from Email Marketers - Product

There are many reasons marketers are clamoring to learn everything they can about email marketing. The main reason is that email marketing is one of the most productive digital marketing strategies.

Email marketing is so successful, in fact, it outranks social media, direct mail, paid search, and online display by anywhere from 94-104% in terms of ROI. Not to mention, email is 40 times more successful at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

If you’re looking to further quantify the ROI of email marketing, you’ll be pleased to know email marketing campaigns can experience upwards of a 4400% ROI or a return of $44 for every $1. If you took those odds to Vegas, you’d clean out the casinos and probably get banned from returning back to Vegas for life.

Some other top reasons marketers make email a priority include its ability to drive conversions as well as the sheer volume of consumers using inboxes on the daily. You’ll find the following stats interesting:

To sum it up, email marketing is successful, awesome at driving ROI, a place consumers look for deals, and a source of engagement for consumers and workers alike. That’s why so many marketers are concerned with learning the ins and outs of email marketing.

What if you are new to email marketing?

But, what if you’re new to email marketing and don’t really know how to get started? That’s a great question. Thankfully, there are many professionals willing to offer useful information to help guide you along. When you take their advice, you’ll be sure to avoid any potential rabbit holes you may fall into when navigating the email marketing bath alone.

Before you get started

Before mapping out your email marketing plan or even reading advice from the experts, however, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools to make following best practices a cinch.

This means investing in a trusted email marketing service provider. A top email service provider will include easy ways for you to capture email addresses, provide you mobile-optimized templates, make segmenting your lists easy, help you set up triggers to automate campaigns, integrate with top data collection software tools, among other benefits.

Without a top email service provider, crushing your email marketing campaigns will be impossible.

Advice from the experts

Once you have selected a top email marketing service provider, you’re officially ready to roll and create your first campaign or, at least, your first winning campaign.

This infographic presents you with tips from 11 of the top email marketing professionals. When you consider each bit of wisdom and carefully weave their advice into your email marketing strategy, you’ll be well on your way to experience those high email marketing ROIs.

Source: 11 Pro Email Marketing Tips by Campaign Monitor

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