Regpack FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your most popular features?

Reporting We have a dynamic reporting system. Any information that is gathered by our system can be selected and entered into a report, which exports from our system as a spreadsheet or PDF.   Emails Our email system is flexible, allowing you to either automate your communication to specific user groups or manually send emails to a single or multiple individuals. You can track the messages that have been sent to a user. There is no quota on how many messages can be sent, and no limit to how many templates can be set up.   Support  Your project is built by a Regpack Project Manager. Towards the end of the building process you will be trained on how to make any final adjustments and operate the system yourself; upon your final inspection /approval of the build, you will take on full management of your system. Any questions after the project is live can be sent to Our support team strives to respond to emails within 24 hours (excluding weekends), and are happy to answer any questions you might encounter as you manage your system.   Development We have a bi-weekly feature release cycle. Most features began as suggestions by our clients, so…