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 We recently made some changes to our pricing and wanted to make sure you knew about it!
In addition to our month-to-month billing model we’ve always offered, you can also save 10-15% on Regpack admin fees by switching to a 12 or 24 month plan. I’ve highlighted the benefits you get with an annual or 2 year plan, below:
  • Annual prices are 10% (12 months) or 15% (24 months) off our currently monthly pricing. Under the “Pricing Plans” tab on our Pricing page you can see all pricing or you can check out the charter further down in this message.
  • In order to get the discount, you need a minimum of 2 full time admins.
  • All annual plans (12 or 24 months) receive UNLIMITED part time admins at no cost.
  • All 24 month plans receive UNLIMITED copies of existing projects. Currently on a month-to-month plan, project copies are priced at $50 per project. Optional Project Manager assistance is $200.
  • Annual plans are paid at the start of your contract, not on a month-to-month basis.
If you are interested in changing your current plan to an annual plan, contact today!
Below, you can check out our current monthly and annual pricing. Note that with a 24 month plan, you’ll receive an additional 5% off the monthly price.
Below is a helpful graphic explaining the difference between full-time, part-time and guest admins. Remember, View-Only Admins are ALWAYS free!

Feel free to chat with our Sales team about the best use of these admin types for your organization.


Switch over to Annual pricing now!


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