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Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about camp registration is packed into this, completely free, eBook.

Whether it’s common camp registration problems, how to build your camp application or what you should do with your data during your low season, this eBook guide to camp registration will give you the solutions, tips and tools you need to perfect your camp’s registration process.

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Camp software can help you:

Don’t take our word for it. One Camp Director using camp registration software said:

“The campers and especially their parents, are essentially customers. I don’t think anyone in the camping world likes to necessarily think of it like that but more or less it’s a customer service industry and we want these customers having the best possible experience from the get go, from the minute they express interest, which is pretty much the sign-up point, to the minute they finish camp.

In order to have that great camp experience, you want a flawless system. [A camp registration software] is the first step in that experience, since it is just so user friendly and clean, works perfectly and it looks good. To have something as simple as the aesthetics of it and creating a registration that is simple and user friendly, that’s huge.

[Using] the back end of the camp management software makes the staffing side of it so simple since you can produce any sort of report you need within minutes. The system allows us to get in contact easily with parents and campers either before the summer or while the summer is going on.

The system is so easy to use and you have a database right at the click of the finger, that’s what makes [using software] worth it. So you have the great customer experience that makes it so much smoother for everyone. And ideally it helps get more kids in camp.”

Are you on the fence about moving your camp application process online? Are you considering finding a new software for your camp for next summer? Then check out this FREE eBook!

Get Your FREE Guide to Camp Registration eBook

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