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[Infographic] How to Run and Manage a Successful Sports League

[Infographic] How to Run and Manage a Successful Sports League - GoDaddy

It seems simple right, get some volunteers, have a great idea, have some uniforms made and put together a team and bada bing! A sports league is born! But there are a bit more steps involved.

After working with many sports leagues on their league management software and creating a successful sports league software for clients, I put together this infographic highlighting the steps each league must take to get started and moving forward with their league. I could have done a step by step post filled with lots of words and explanations but really, infographics are awesome, direct and to the point, and they are just pretty!

A lot can be said about each step, but the basic idea and path to follow looks a bit like this…

1. Find a venue.
2. Accounting
3. Find sponsors.
4. Find Refs.
5. Recruit volunteers.
6. Hire coaches.
7. Find a great sports league registration software.
8. Recruit players and teams.
9. Communication game plan.
10. Rules!
11. Create a website.
12. Get on social media!
13. Host events to create a buzz!

It can take a lot of grunt work in the beginning to find all the people and resources you need to put together and manage a successful league. Outside of finding the right people (coaches, refs, players, volunteers, etc) the biggest thing is your marketing and data management. A great sports league registration software can help you look and act professional. Sign ups can be automated and are effortless on your part with the right software and emailing with coaches, refs, parents, players is easy peasy with the right system. So go get ’em tiger!

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