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Increase Orders by 35% with 1 Simple Tool!

Regpack is all about taking feedback from our clients and what they really NEED from their online registration software and making it happen! Our clients are always looking for ways to increase orders, and and data shows that this new feature in Regpack’s software does just that!

One functionality that many camps, events, sport leagues and basically anyone doing online registration need is a sophisticated conditional logic tool for their variety of products offered to users. Conditional logic just means that when you ask one question, it will trigger another question to possibly appear depending on the answer of that first question. Now, we’ve extended that feature to your PRODUCTS as well as the questions you ask in your application.

Data shows you can increase your orders by 35% with this new tool!

For example, if a conference that spans a few days offers day specific events (say Saturday they have an option to go on a tour and Sunday they have the option to attend a dinner), the software will automatically show those options to the user when they select the day or days they are attending. In some cases, a product can be added automatically to the user’s cart! You can customize the flow of product logic right your admin back end, making this feature very functional and easy to use for both you and your applicants! Super cool, right?!

Ensure that your users see WHAT you want, exactly when you want them to see it!

Check out the video below to see this feature in action. Below the video you’ll find the transcript if you prefer to read or if you can’t listen to a video where you are right now! Enjoy!




Welcome to Regpack

We have added logic to our products to dramatically improve the shopping experience for your users – you already know that questions can cause others questions to automatically appear, so why not products?

Lets watch what happens when Frank Stewart chooses to attend the Annual Conference in New York City.

As soon as he selects the New York Conference, you can see that multiple new products instantly appeared.

A new category for accommodations appears below, and an optional workshop shows up right underneath the conference. As your user continues to make selections, you can have further options appear, and even trigger products to add automatically!

These products are easy to set up – lets take a look at the products page in the admin area to see how.

You’ll notice that these products appear to the user in the same location as the back end – this allows you to customize the flow for your users.

You’re already familiar with how to trigger products, and this new addition is no different – lets see how the Workshop Products were triggered.

The initial Workshop is triggered to *show* when “New York Conference” is added to the cart, and the next two branch off from that. The Session Recording triggers to *show* when the Workshop is selected, while the Speaker Biographies are triggered to *add automatically* when the Workshop is added to the cart.

This allows for extreme flow customization, ensuring that users see exactly what you want, when you want it.
Organizations that have implemented this into their system have seen:

15% reduction in support issues

If you would like to implement this please contact your project manager or support at and we will make it happen”

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