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An Easy Way to Increase Registration Conversions

registration embedded on your website

Research shows that sending customers to pay on a 3rd party website can lead to a 27% of those customers abandoning the checkout process.

This isn’t just true for online stores, it happens during the onboarding and registration process as well.

If a customer is willing to invest in your organization, it means they trust you. Sending them to another website can break this trust.

Customers complete registration and payments on your website, not ours, which has a direct positive effect on your conversion rates.

If you need more convincing as to why embedding your registration process on your website is good for your business, I’ll give you 4 more…

You get secure payments and data collection on your website for free!

It costs a lot of time and money to make your website secure enough to collect sensitive data and payment details.

The way Regpack embeds allows our payment and data security protocol to operate independently of your website settings, so you can have peace of mind that your customers data is secure and payments process securely.

You keep your branding!

Maintain the consistency of your branding and design that your customers trust throughout the entire registration flow, including when making a payment.

An embedded registration system should function like a custom software built for your website.

You control what your customers see!

An embedded registration system should have the ability to embed on any page you like. This means you control the URL and you control any additional design elements for the page, like a sidebar with specific information or links.

The goal is to allow you to create a system that meets your needs functionally and that you can use wherever and however you need.

Your Website is Your Storefront

We understand that your website is the first thing many of your customers see and the first interaction they have with your business.

You wouldn’t send someone across the street from your business to make a payment. So why send them to another website?

Embedding your registration project on your website gives you the flexibility to customize your registration, onboarding and online payment processes so it works how you need it to.

Plus, it’s super simple to do!

Embedding registration with Regpack is simply copying and pasting one line of code on your website and that’s it. It just works!

Learn more about the benefits of embedding your registration project on your website here.

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