Infographic – How to Write a Registration Deadline Email

Infographic - How to Write a Registration Deadline Email - Graphic design

We have been hard at work creating the most AWESOME infographic that outlines everything you need to do when creating your registration deadline emails. This is just such a helpful visual tool that it will get you up and writing amazing registration deadline emails really quickly. These emails are so important because if you get it right, you will have more applicants completing their registration on time, which also means they are paying on time! Hooray! I think everyone loves getting paid.

If you’re more of a reader or am just looking for the rationale behind all the amazing stats, I wrote a more detailed post about this here. But maybe start with the infographic and move your way up. It will really help you write the best registration deadline email ever. I even included a template that you can use! Obviously, an effective email will do wonders to making sure your applicants finish up their registration on time.

A small note: It’s really important that when you communicate with applicants, you personalize the email to them. Using an online registration software allows you to customize your emails, but in an automated way. This saves you time but ensures clear and relevant communication to each individual applicant. I talked about this in other posts, which you can see an overview of here.

In addition to a free registration deadline email example, the infographic has some great stats, including:

  • 64% of people open an email based on the subject line, so make yours a good one!
  • 22% more emails are opened when the subject line is personalized, so make yours personal!
  • 28-39 characters is the ‘ideal’ email subject line length, so start counting!
  • Personalized emails improve click through rates by 14% and improve conversion by 10%!

The infographic has even more interesting stats! Click on the image to see it in full size. Enjoy!!!

amazing registration deadline email

Infographic – How to write an amazing registration deadline email

PLEASE feel free to comment with more stats you know and PLEASE share this post or the infographic around the interwebs. We hope you find the information enlightening and fun, so share it! –

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Asaf Darash
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