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INFOGRAPHIC: Online Registration Numbers of 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Online Registration Numbers of 2015 - Online advertising

2015 was a huge year for Regpack! Our online registration numbers in 2015 is totally something to write home about. We grew 148% from 2014, including a 52% growth in payments processed and growing our client base by 35%. I always tell my team that understanding that nobody care about us is how we will grow and how we will give them the best service. Sounds strange? Well, seems like it is working so after you checkout the infographic below go ahead and read that little article and see if it helps your organization too. It is a little mind shift that does a lot!

Since we love to boast at Regpack about the amazing ways to use your data and using that data to create statistics that help you understand what to do next, I wanted to put together an graphic showcasing all of the stats from Regpack this year. So enough talk and let’s see what all the fuss is about. BTW, under the infographic you can see how we got those numbers, what are the interesting parts (like how much Internet Explorer is wasting the thinking power of so many people) and where we hope to be in 2016. Enjoy 🙂

Honestly, I was blown away by some of these numbers. Especially this one: 242 hours spent coding and fixing Internet Explorer issues. That is 10 WHOLE DAYS of a my life I’ll never get back! Seriously, 10 days just to fix the issues that Microsoft creates for the world. Multiply that by all the software internet companies in the world and you will see that Microsoft is wasting the lives of a small city in the US. Thankfully Microsoft is ditching older versions of Internet Explorer so hopefully this won’t be a problem in 2016!

I also loved evaluating how much time and money we’re saving applicants and admins alike! This is a huge reason why I love doing what I do, automating processes so that real people can do the stuff only real people can do – like growing programs, connecting with their clients and being available for their clients or just making registration and paperwork easier.

You’ll see in the infographic that we figure we saved about 3 million hours in 2015 for admins and about $101 million saved in admin work hours. If you’re wondering how we came up with this number, here’s the math!

The average salary of 1 admin is $70,000. We already know that our 4,256 clients save around 60 hours a month using Regpack.  So…

4,256 clients x 60 hours a month = 255,360 hours / month

255,360 hours x 12 months = 3 million admin hours saved in 2015!

Admin’s work 22 days a week each month. If we figure the hourly compensation for an admin at $70,000/year is $33.14 then…

$33.14/hour x 3,064,320 hours = $101.5 Million Saved in Admin Hours in 2015!

2015: Savings of $101.000,000 / Admin Hours / Year

If we then look at the time and money we’re saving applicants (that is, our client’s clients!), we figure that 1 hour of work for an average applicant is $25. We registered 2.9 million applicants in 2015, so that’s 2.9 million hours but also…

2,945,768 applicants x $25 / hour = $73.6 Million Dollars Saved!

Onward to 2016!

Now that the math lesson is over, everyone at Regpack, including myself, are super proud of ourselves and all we accomplished in 2015! I hope you enjoy these numbers as much as I enjoyed putting them all together! Can’t wait to see where we go in 2016 and how our growth will continue! Thanks to our clients for their amazing support and all the love they show us!

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