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New Registration Templates Added

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In addition to the 30+ registration templates already available to Regpack clients when creating a new project, we’ve just added 3 more templates to choose from.

Regpack Project Managers built out these templates so you don’t have to! Their experience means they know exactly what foundation a project needs to get started quickly and easily.

Regpack initially builds out your project, however, many clients have found the wish to use Regpack for more than just their main registration. This is why we now build out Templates so you can get started with your new project on your own.

A project manager is always available to build this new system out for you, as is Regpack support.

Newly Added: Lead Management

This application is great for sales and marketing tasks. Use this template to gather the information you want to collect on your leads and use Regpack to manage them. The template includes a single set of forms to answer questions, sign agreements, upload documents and more.

Newly Added: Staff Applications

This template will allow you to collect and manage staff applications. We built out the basics so you can expand depending on the data and documents you require for your application process.

Newly Added: Quick Event

Unlike our more detailed event templates, the Quick Event template is exactly that – a quick and simple event sign-up form where a user can answer any required questions, make a selection from a list of events, order products, and make a payment.


These templates are available for Regpack clients to use anytime!

Simply log in to your Regpack admin account, click Settings –> Project Settings –> Create New Project to get started. Or just click the link above to go straight there!

If you find there is not a template to match your needs, please reach out to support at and let us know how we can help!


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