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Update to Payment Reports in Regpack

The latest update in Regpack will make you and your accountants very happy!

We’ve made some updates to allow you to customize your payment reports even more, with a bonus of 3 new data points.

Payment Report Updates:

How to Generate a Payment Report

To get to your Payment Report, login and go to the Payments Tab. Filter for the payments you’d like to view, if any, and then click the blue “Download Payment Report” Button.

A pop-up will appear where you can select what you’d like to include in your Payment Report. You can add any field to your report by clicking the blue “Add to Report” button.

Merging User Report with Payment Report

As always, you can merge your Payment Report with an existing User Report. Simply click the green “Merge Payment Report with User Report” button at the bottom and then select the User Report you’d like to merge it with.

This will allow you to create a payment report with any field from your user database to make the report customized for your exact needs.

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