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Registration Email Templates + Interview with Northern Movement

Registration Email Templates + Interview with Northern Movement - Screenshot

 I have spent the last week coding non-stop! Some exciting things are coming to Regpack this fall and the entire Regpack team has been plugging away! That didn’t stop me from getting a few posts written. I am continuing our popular email series with some registration emails perfect for your next event! I’m also sharing a great interview I did with our client, Northern Movement. You can learn more about how they are using Regpack to manage registration and check-in for their conventions.

Event Registration Communication

One of our most popular email series on the blog has been our registration email templates. Last week I shared a new post in this series focused on registration emails for events and conferences. Communicating effectively with your attendees once they begin the registration process is essential and important if you want to have a successful event. I hope this guide to writing effective registration emails will help you in that goal!


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Regpack Client Spotlight with Northern Movement 
Up on the blog as well is my interview with Marilynn and Nicki, Co-Directors of Northern Movement. They use Regpack to manage registration and payments for their ACRO conventions. The ACRO Convention unites the industry’s top acrobatic instructors under one roof for a weekend of specialized training. They’ve been using Regpack since 2014 and we’re honored to work with them!
Thank you again to Marilynn and Nicki for taking some time to chat!


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Wishing you a productive and pleasant rest of your week!


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