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Regpack CEO, Asaf Darash, on LinkedIn

Asaf Darash, Regpack CEO

If you don’t follow Regpack on Facebook or Twitter, you might not have caught the fact that I’ve been publishing a weekly ‘blog’ post of sorts over on LinkedIn. In addition to these posts, I have gotten in the habit of posting a daily article that I feel is relevant to our clients as well as to people in my industry. These articles are ones I come across in my ‘morning routine’ time of browsing the internet to get my mind awake and the creative juices flowing.

I wanted to take the opportunity as summer comes to a close to share a link to my profile as an invitation to everyone to please connect with me! And once you do, be in touch! I’d love feedback on what I’m posting, what you might like to hear more about (or less about) and anything in between. In my opinion, LinkedIn has the ability to be a rich source of quality content and a more genuine place to connect with amazing people professionally, devoid of cat memes and funny YouTube videos like you see so often on Facebook (though I love these! ha!)

I’d love to connect with you!


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