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Regpack + Envision Academy’s Workplace Learning Exhibition

Regpack was fortunate enough to participate in an awesome program run by the Envision Academy of Art’s and Technology: Workplace Learning Exhibition.

Juniors at the school are matched with local companies and organizations to complete a 3-week job shadow/internship in a career field of the student’s choosing. The goal is for the student to spend time with a local community mentor working with and learning from them.

Our Director of Operations, Calvin Hosey, was matched up with Mehki, a student at Envision, for this experience. Mehki is interested in coding and wants to attend UC Berkeley. Not only has Calvin worked for Google in the past and now heads up Operations for Regpack, he is also a proud Berkeley alumnus.

Calvin and Mehki spent their 3 weeks together learning basic coding, including CSS and HTML. Understanding this on a basic level is a great first step and foundation for understanding computer programming. Building off that foundation is something Mehki can explore going forward.

It was awesome having Mehki join the Regpack team for a few weeks! While we work with organizations throughout the world, our main office is in Oakland, CA and it’s always great to connect with others in our Oakland community!


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