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Our Clients Say: Regpack vs. Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey

Regpack vs. Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey! How do they compare?

Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey are “simplifying event feedback” by merging their services together. While this seems like a great move, let me explain why it’s not very exciting.

Regpack has had this ability and developed this technology long ago and our clients have been enjoying the benefits of this kind of tool long before this collaboration took place. We have offered our clients this tool “out of the box”, no merger necessary!

Let’s backup though and give you a little background on Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey and what their merger looks like.


Eventbrite is a great platform for what it is built for.

It enables small events and organizations to register people, such as providing basic information that is fixed and structured (name, address, email, etc), presents a list of services and finally, a payment page to pay for the services and events they’ve selected.

Cool, easy to use, and very good for its target market: extremely simple events for organizations that are not marketing oriented (stuff like your neighborhood gathering when you need to pay for pizza or a school field trip ).


SurveyMonkey allows you to survey (duh!) your applicants, either before or after your event, to gather information from them that can help in planning future events or your marketing efforts.

You upload your user list and send out an email for them to fill out the survey. Again, a cool and easy to use platform and perfect for organizations that do not want to view their clients in a holistic manner and understand everything about them (so they can do razor sharp marketing to each!).

Think of a college professor looking to get feedback from his class or a club asking their group members to give their opinions on potential meeting topics. SurveyMonkey is perfect for them!

So, an Eventbrite + SurveyMonkey merger makes sense. It enables organizations to sort of get marketing information from their client base and sort of allows you to understand how to make your future events better. But “sort of”, in my opinion, isn’t good enough.

After your event is over you want to recap what happened, who came, what they liked about your event and what they didn’t, etc.

A survey is an important tool that will help you understand how to improve and develop future events, how you can cut costs and how to bring more people to your next event. In order to do that you need to be able to slice and dice your user information and be able to see the trends in each user group.

Moreover, you need to be sure that you are getting the right information from your attendees. With Regpack, this function comes out of the box and is built right into our interface.

Let’s say that at your event you offered a variety of workshops. You would probably want to get specific information from people that attended each workshop, to fully evaluate the success of each workshop and find ways to improve for next time. This necessitates asking each of these people specific questions about each workshop they attended.

With Regpack, asking these questions and getting the answers you need is possible and easy to do! Regpack can even find all the people that attended a specific workshop and are also from California, so you can see cross informational statistics about this particular demographic.

This enables you to understand with a click of a mouse how to improve your next event and also what to market specifically to these attendees in the future.

Regpack even offers you highlighted trends so you can see your data in a way you would never have thought about and incorporate these insights into your future strategy.

One client, Gretchen Stewart from Racine Unified School District said of using Regpack,

“We have had less than a 1% error rate so far, and most of those have been user errors. This product and the people behind it are amazing, not to mention the value, Regpack is unbeatable.”

Gretchen has used Regpack to bring people to the right workshops and then based on that information has used our built in statistical engine to understand trends that were buried in the huge amount of information that she had gathered previously and wasn’t able to make sense of until now.”

At Regpack we believe that a technological breakthrough changes what we can do, how we can do it and what we even think we can do in business.

Regpack’s ad-hoc data connection conditional logic engine enables you to ask anything and then connect any logic to it. Taking this data, you can aggregate the information in new and surprising ways that really enable you to understand your user base and offer them better services.

It is really great to see how a technological advancement can make such a big difference for organizations and how it can create knowledge and insights about your business. Before these insights demanded the use of multiple services, but with Regpack you get it out of the box!

Conclusion: Regpack vs. Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey

To our clients that contacted us and told us about how happy they are that we enable things that other companies need to team up to do, thanks for the great feedback!

Our promise is that we will continue to innovate, develop and bring you features and abilities that will blow you away every day that you use Regpack.

All we ask of you is that you keep pushing us to the limit and to see how far our technology can stretch and adapt to what you need!

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Asaf Darash
Asaf Darash
CEO and founder of Regpack

Asaf, Founder and CEO of Regpack, has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Asaf has built 3 successful companies to date, all with an exit plan or that have stayed in profitability and are still functional. Asaf specializes in product development for the web, team building and in bringing a company from concept to an actualized unit that is profitable.

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