Regpack Listed in Capterra’s 20 Top Event Management Software List!

We are honored to be included in Capterra’s list of their 20 “Top Event Management Software”  as one of their top ten! Capterra based their top 20 list on the “most popular software options as measured by a combination of their total number of customers, users, and social presence”.

Event management is well… managing your event. From taking in the attendee registrations to collecting the fees, to managing the vendors booths (if you have those) to allowing people to register for workshops and limited availability sessions. A great event management software will automate this entire process for you and will allow you to fly through the administration side of things, so you can spend as much time as possible making your event as memorable as possible and of course, a major success!

In the past 5 years the world has changed in a way we could have never imagined. Smartphones have become mainstream, social media became the new king of advertising and client connection and communication,  and your clients are your best marketers because of this huge shift.

Complimenting these meta changes the event management software field has been transformed completely with new companies changing the way things are done. Regpack is at the center of this change with its ability to change the information asked from each attendee based on the automatically generated profile (with our conditional logic engine), its ability to process any type of payment and automatically create payment plans for each applicant, and its social media integration.

Our technology and our passion to make every management system EXACTLY according to the needs of the event organizer, so you aren’t getting a one size fits all software, you’re getting a custom software at the price of an out of the box system. We also provide a dedicated project manager for every client, big or small, which is probably why within only 2 years we have managed to create a software that ranks us in 6th place on Capterra’s list. This against companies that have millions of dollars in investment as opposed Regpack’s great passion and an elite team of Ph.Ds that just know how to do things better and faster.

We are constantly working to tailor our product based on the needs of our clients and in the service of making their work successful and easier to manage. Ask our clients, when they ask for a feature, it happens!

Regpack is a top event management software and offers a full suite of solutions for attendees, vendors and speakers. Our clients have seen an increase of 25% in attendees once switching to Regpack as faster payments, in 30 days or less! To learn more about what our event software can offer you, check out our website and take the tour!

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