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I wanted to focus this week’s post on the multitude of ways you can use Regpack to streamline, automate and optimize your organization’s business processes.

More and more of our clients are using Regpack to serve a variety of their business needs. They might have come to Regpack for one software solution, and are using Regpack now in a very different way than when they first began.

When we designed Regpack, it was at it’s core, a data analysis tool. So it makes sense that Regpack is versatile and fits many different applications.

So, did you know that Regpack can be used for…

– Staff Applications
Volunteer Management
Course management
– Lead Management
Camp Registration
Event Management
Sales Platform
Race Registration
Church Management
Membership Management
– And More!

Many organizations we have found need a software to manage more than just the reason they originally found Regpack. Many camps for instance also use Regpack to manage their staff and volunteer application process, since Regpack is great for all of those processes.

Soon, creating new projects and using Regpack for a variety of your needs, will be easier than ever. You will be able to click a button and create a new project in seconds, for any one of these applications. Best of all, Regpack charges based on the number of admins from your organization. So you can use Regpack for the variety of things listed above while still paying the same monthly fee!

This is just one way Regpack is always getting better. If you have any questions about the different ways you might be able to use Regpack for more of your organizations needs, reach out to Regpack Sales to learn more!

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