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Regpack Named in Top 10 Most Affordable Event Software List!

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This week, I’m sharing with you some exciting news and a new email resource. In a previous newsletter, I shared Regpack was ranked #5 in Capterra’s Most Popular Event Management Software List. This newsletter I’m proud to share another accolade from Capterra’s ranking series.


Most Affordable Event Software! 
Capterra’s Top 20 List of Most Affordable Event Software includes Regpack in their top 10. We are pretty unique in the fact that we can offer many features that are considered “higher end”, but without the premium price tags! Keep your eyes on our newsletter series as we’re going to introduce some exciting updates that will make the value of Regpack even greater.


Read: affordable event registration


Event Registration Payments 
Keeping with the theme of price and cost, we put a blog post together highlighting a good way to communicate balances paid and payments due to your attendees. I’ve included a template for you to build your message base as well as tips on how to increase your payment rate to get most payments on time and less time chasing attendees.
We understand one of the most stressful parts about event registration is making sure you get paid on time so we want to make it as easy as it can be. Our automated billing function can help ease the pain, but some prefer to pay manually and this post focuses on finding those “hidden” payments to maximize the income of your registration season.


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Wishing you a productive and pleasant rest of your week!


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