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Regpack Partners with CardConnect for Payment Processing

Regpack Partners with CardConnect for Payment Processing - Product design

I’m excited to share with you some very big news!

We have finalized a partnership with CardConnect as a new payment processing option for all US and Canadian Regpack accounts.

CardConnect currently works with more than 65,000 businesses and offers valuable reporting insights and transaction management tools.

CardConnect shares Regpack’s goal to make payments simple and secure!

What does this mean for Regpack clients?

The partnership with CardConnect will allow for some upgrades to the payment experience you already love with Regpack, including:

In addition, CardConnect allows you to simplify the information needed to complete a payment. We are currently working on the regulatory requirements to allow for “Zipcode Only Payments”, which will allow your clients to enter only their zip code, not their full address, in order to complete a payment. Watch out for that update coming soon!

If you are interested in converting your current merchant account to CardConnect, reach out to the Regpack Payments Team. They will help you begin the process if you want to get started today!

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