Regpack Introduces Purchase Protection to the Registration Market

by Asaf Darash,
regpack purchase protection

This week we have released this long-awaited feature to the Regpack suite of registration and payment tools: Purchase Protection!

What is Purchase Protection?

Regpack Purchase Protection is a service that allows your attendees to be reimbursed in case of illness, accident or death. Purchase Protection is a win-win for you and your attendees. They are reimbursed if they can’t attend, and you don’t take a loss when they cancel.

Purchase Protection is INCLUDED in all Regpack pricing plans! Regpack is one of the only registration software platforms to offer this benefit, especially for free!

Purchase Protection applies to your eligible events or programs and will offer reimbursement when terms are met. Terms include accident, illness or death. Filing a claim is simple, and applicants can receive reimbursement.

How much does Purchase Protection cost Regpack clients?

Nothing! Yes, that’s correct. It will cost you NOTHING to offer Purchase Protection to your applicants.

Payment for enabling Purchase Protection is made directly by your applicant during the checkout process, and claims are filed directly through their dashboard.

What are the benefits of offering Purchase Protection to applicants?

Purchase Protection offers peace of mind for you and your applicants. You have invested money in a certain number of applicants attending your event or program.

If an applicant cancels last minute, you won’t suffer financially for this last-minute loss.

Applicants can feel good knowing if an unexpected illness or accident occurs, they will not lose their investment if they cannot attend.

Why is this release so exciting?

Our goal at Regpack is to democratize the data and payment industries. We are doing this by leveling the playing field so that smaller organizations have access to a wide variety of business tools, that normally only the “big guys” can afford, at prices everyone can pay!

We do this with our amazing suite of registration and payment tools, including:

Purchase Protection is part of our goal to make registration, applicant onboarding and payments easy and seamless!

Purchase Protection costs you nothing, and it’s included as part of our low monthly pricing. With this update, Regpack clients are getting even more, for less.

More registration features and offerings allow you and your staff to focus their time and energy on planning your programs and events, and not managing their registration.

If you want to learn more about Purchase Protection, contact a Registration Specialist today!

More Purchase Protection Information for Current Regpack Clients

If you are a current Regpack client and want to learn more about offering Purchase Protection to your applicants, you can read the FAQ here or enable it through Project Settings in the Regpack admin portal.

We also have a handy FAQ you can share with your applicants to understand how Purchase Protection works here.

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