Regpack User Video: Form Conditional Logic & Form Customization

Today we published a video on Regpack’s YouTube page all about our how our conditional logic functionality works.

I have talked about conditional logic A LOT on the blog. See here, here, here and here. I talk about it a lot because it’s a huge part of our software and what gives our software the ability to feel and be used like a custom software, without the high cost of customized software.

The whole point of conditional logic is to allow you to get users through your process as quickly as possible and to give a unique experience tailored to each user. By having triggered questions appear depending on how a user answers each question will make sure your applicants fill out the right forms the first time around, and see only the questions and forms applicable to them. This means you can count on having more completed and on time applications while reducing your admin time because the form logic will cut down on user confusion!

Have a look at this video tutorial about how to set up triggered questions in the admin section of Regpack. If you don’t feel like watching or can’t, the transcript is below the video!



Welcome to Regpack

We have fused triggers with conditional logic, resulting in a powerful new way to customize forms for your users.

Lets watch it in action as Roger Gilmour registers to bring a guest to the Annual Conference in New York City.

As soon as he selects that he will be bringing a guest, the guest contact information appears below – Let’s go to the forms section to see how the admin set this up.

After entering the form, you can set a trigger by selecting one or more fields and then clicking the trigger button. From here, this is the same as setting any other trigger! save yourself some time – start typing the trigger question and select the correct answer. This has all of the flexibility of product or email triggers, allowing you to make very specific customizations.

Now back to the registration!

On the next page, you’ll notice that a green free text field has been triggered to appear. This free text field has information that would be distracting to users who who were not bringing guests, but crucial to users who are. [go to the back end]

Here in the admin section again, you see that this field was triggered based on a question from a previous form. The Regpack conditional logic engine allows you to use products, schedules, payments or other questions to trigger fields in your forms. This opens up a world of possibilities in customizing your forms, making sure that every applicant answers only the questions that are right for them, and only sees the information they need!

“If you have any questions while customizing your forms, feel free to contact support at – we’ll be happy to help”

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