Regpack vs CampMinder: Best Camp Registration Software

by Asaf Darash,

When comparing camp registration systems, the list of features can sometimes seem overwhelming. Comparing the language of one company and what they offer, to what another company includes in their software doesn’t add up and you’re left scratching your head as to how the two actually compare.

You can see a full comparison of the most popular camp management software here. There is a great visual looking at a specific set of features and a simple way to see which software offers which feature.

Don’t forget, just because a software doesn’t offer a specific feature, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice for your business. You first need to define your own needs and what YOU really need from a software and then find a software that gives you that. The company with the longest list of features doesn’t mean their long list includes everything you need, and at a price that works for your organization.

This post will look specifically at Regpack vs CampMinder and the camp management software they each offer.

Below is a side by side comparison Regpack vs CampMinder. It includes the popular features that many camps look for in summer camp registration software, including pricing, payments, family registration, automated communication tools and reporting tools.

camp registration software comparison compare camp management software

Regpack offers the ability to integrate the registration process for campers onto your site directly, without going another URL hosted by the software company in order to complete registration. Both Regpack and CampMinder do not offer a camp store option. Though with Regpack, it is possible to add products you wish to sell within the process that parents can add to their cart and pay for with the system. CampMinder’s advertised prices are higher than Regpack. Fees for credit card processing and setup are not published

How do I choose?Regpack vs CampMinder

The best way to really understand the cost of the system is, once you are interested, to ask the company for a demo so you can see the software in action and ask questions like how features work, etc and then get the final cost.

Make sure you ask the following questions:

  • What will it cost you upfront, monthly, yearly, etc.? (See this post to learn more about making this calculation.)
  • Is there a month to month contract or yearly? Often times, camps do not need to use or have access to their data for a few months out of the year.

Again, knowing ahead of time what you NEED from a system first, will help you to narrow the field considerably. As you make the list of needs and wants, the list of camp management systems that match your list will shorten. You can more easily manage contacting companies, setting up demos and asking the nitty gritty pricing questions, all of which will help you to make a great choice!

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