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Special Election Day Post! A Lesson in Collaboration

With all this election fever going around the country these days, Regpack, like everyone, is paying attention and constantly tuned in to the latest news. Elections in the 21st century are like they’ve never been before. Every sound byte and even a candidate’s sneeze is instantaneously reported and uploaded for immediate public consumption. So when we saw that the Obama campaign has been using an online collaboration platform to organize his supporters for his re-election, it peaked our interest.

Essentially his Dashboard platform is an online space for his supporters to communicate and interact on a local level while also connecting supporters all over the country with one another. They can share local events and even share online tools so people can be involved right from their computers. It is also a space for the campaign to collect data about voters all around the country. Dashboard users can log in and detail data they receive from door-to-door outings, like the issues voters care most about. The campaign can then use this data to target ads and events more effectively and know where to spend their dime to be most effective.

For us at Regpack, this is such a great and creative idea and made us think of the ways in which online registration software and data management platforms are essential tools for organizations to collaborate and increase productivity and efficiency. An organization that has the ability to create an online database of dynamic data has an automatic and customized online collaboration tool right at their fingertips. While the Obama campaign is looking to connect people with a common goal as a call to action, a business can take this model to collaborate professionally. Whether everyone is in one office, on the road, or in several offices all around the world, an online platform allows everyone, from the office manager to the CEO collaborate on projects big and small. Analytical tools allow easy filtering of data to create reports and view statistics on the client base, marketing efforts and more. Plus all contributors can add and update data instantaneously so the database is always up to date, causing less confusion and mistakes.

Online collaboration also allows organizations to communicate effectively and work efficiently with outside vendors. An advance online platform allows organizations to share specific information from their database that is relevant to their vendors quickly and easily. Making arrangements with a caterer, for example, is that much easier when you can instantly share food allergies and other relevant information about the people who will be eating.

The campaign Dashboard idea just highlights what we’re all trying to do in business — create and work towards a common goal, collect and evaluate the data gathered towards this goal and finally, collaborate with others in order to achieve it. Whatever your party affiliation and whoever you’ll be voting for this year, Regpack hopes you see the change that technology is bringing to every aspect of our lives, where sharing, collaboration and dynamic information is becoming the norm!


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