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Summer Camp Registration Software for Kenosee Bible Camp

Summer Camp Registration Software for Kenosee Bible Camp - Kenosee Lake Bible Camp

Regpack and Kenosee Lake Bible Camp have been working together for 2 years now for their camp and staff registration needs. Prior to using Regpack’s summer camp registration software, Brad Weber, Kenosee Lake’s Camp Director, was using a homemade camp registration system that just wasn’t cutting it. Instead of wasting time manually inputting data, Kenosee Lake is now easily registering campers and using Regpack tools to automate the process!

This is really important when the mission of camp has such a long list of things that campers can enjoy! Automating the administrative processes allows Kenosee Lake Bible Camp to focus on making sure everyone has an amazing and fun time at camp!

“It is our desire to make a camper’s week at KLBC their favorite week of the summer. We have many skills campers can take part in (tubing, wakeboarding, archery, paintball, and much more). We also have chapel, Bible memorization, camp wide games, and we are treated to some fine eating from our cooks!” (Source: Kenosee Lake – About Us)

Brad with his wife and 2 children.

Thanks to Brad for taking the time to speak with us. Below you’ll find our conversation outlining how they use Regpack, how they use reporting to make things easier, and what about Regpack stood out compared to other systems out there. Learn more about Regpack’s camp registration software here.

What system were you using for summer camp registration software before you began working with Regpack?

The previous two systems we were using were “homemade” not web based systems.

It was made by a local “techie” and I don’t know that he had a name for it. It was basically a system that could store and organize a lot of data and allowed us to formulate and print reports. But all the data had to be manually inputted and updated each year. The glitches were often in our reports where the system would incorrectly report on a camper or the information entered would suddenly not be compatible with the report we wanted to print.

What wasn’t working with your previous process that led you to search for a new one?

Because it was homemade we would run into a glitches at times and then tech support was limited. Also we could not do online registrations or process credit cards.

What about Regpack made it stand out?

Low monthly fees and low start ups partly due to the deal negotiated with “One Hope Canada”, which we are affiliated with. We also liked that the system is customizable and the designers are willing to work with us to make adjustments. Finally, it is really user friendly.

Do you use any of the reporting tools? If so, are they helpful?

Yes we use them and they are helpful. Some of our desired reports can’t come in the preferred format and others have taken a bit to adjust to make them work the way we want.

What is the most useful report you run through the system?

This is a tough question because I would say all of our reports are of equal importance, it is vital for us to be able to give our nurses a condense, readable report for them listing the medical and allergy alerts for the campers each week. As well it is important for our staff to have the information they need for each of the campers in their campers in order to make weekly evaluations accurate.

Would you recommend Regpack to other camps? If so, what would you tell another Camp director or camp professional about why Regpack’s summer camp registration software is a great fit for camps?

I have, the One Hope Canada office has me listed as a contact for other One Hope Canada directors looking for a review on the system. So I have referred the program to a couple directors. I typically tell them about how user friendly the system is, how most of it is customizable and how it is pretty cost effective. But I also tell we personally do not use the credit card processing through the system, and that overall we are extremely happy with the system and recommend others using it.

If you’re in the market for a new camp registration software, check our this comparison chart and take us up on our offer of a free demo to see what we’re all about!

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