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Ultimate Registration Guide eBook - Digital display advertising

Registration is hard and complex! At Regpack we register more than 100,000 people a month so we know a little on how to do it right. We have put together some of the best suggestions and tips in this Ultimate Registration Guide eBook. This book will help you research, choose and design the best registration process and selected the best registration software for your organization.

To kick-off the series, we put together this The Ulitimate Registration Guide: Getting Online Registration and Payments Right. This eBook includes information and tips on how to build your online registration process and application from scratch and translating your paper process to an online format. The book looks at common registration mistakes and how to avoid making them. And lastly, why using an automated payment system that is integrated with your online registration process is crucial to getting paid on time, and even faster!

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There are 8 parts to the book including:

…and much more!

This eBook makes the case that automating your registration process will net you more completed and on time applications, which translates to more free time, less stress and more profit for you. An automated registration process will also improve your client and internal communication, reporting and accounting.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed putting it all together. Feel free to comment on this post with questions the book might bring up for you. We’d love to continue the conversation!

Get Your FREE Ultimate Registration Guide eBook
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