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Volunteer Management Software: Spotlight on Maccabi World Union

Volunteer Management Software: Spotlight on Maccabi World Union - T-Shirt

Maccabi World Union Latin America brings Jews from Latin America to Israel for short and long term programs. In conjunction with Masa, they offer volunteer and internship programs throughout Israel to connect Latin American youth with their Jewish roots and give back to the State of Israel. They have been using Regpack’s volunteer management software and sat down with us to talk about why they love it.

Because they offer so many different program options, including different regions of Israel and different lengths of time, Maccabi World Union needed an online event registration software that would not only make sense for their users since there are several program combinations available to them but also help Maccabi staff when registering participants and keeping track of which participants are attending which programs and for how long.

We interviewed Rotem Snir, Director of Maccabi World Union Latin America in Israel recently to find out more about how they are using Regpack and why they would recommend Regpack to others!


Tell me a bit about your organization…

We are the Latin American Department for the Maccabi World Union. We offer programs for people of all ages – from high school aged students to the elderly – to volunteer and intern in Israel. While we offer several short term programs for participants of all ages, our long term programs are for 18-22 year olds that come to Israel anywhere from 2-10 months.

We strive in all of our programs to offer meaningful experiences in Israel for participants. Our goal is to expose our participants to the many facets of Israeli society including visiting different types of communities within Israel, the Hebrew language, Israeli history, museum visits, as well as daily exposure to Israeli society and culture.


What system did you use before Regpack for your registration? Why did you decide to begin using Regpack?

Before working with Regpack we used excel to manage our registration. This was a huge problem for us because excel wasn’t giving us the editing and managing capabilities we really needed. With excel, we weren’t able to track changes to the document so any time a change needed to be made or information needed to be updated, it had to be manually logged on every relevant document we had. This was very time consuming and extremely inefficient. It also caused us to make mistakes, which is never a good thing when you are managing the experiences and information of several participants. Our ideal solution was one that would allow multiple people to add and edit information in one space so that our data was centralized and always up-to-date.

Additionally, because we offer so many different programs, we were finding it hard to manage our registration when it came to participants choosing a program and a length of time within the application. If a participant wanted to change their program location or the length of their session, we always had to edit it manually in several locations, which created confusion and mix-ups. Our excel system made us look unprofessional and wasted a lot of time on our end trying to manage it.


How did Regpack solve the problems you were having?

With Regpack, we are able to easily update a participant’s program information so our database is always up to date with who is attending what programs and when. And since our databases are always up-to-date, it’s easy to generate reports and lists that we use on a daily basis within seconds. Working with Regpack has changed the way we work in our office for the better and has saved us tons of time and helped us avoid many mistakes we had been making with our previous process.

Our organization requires a very accurate, as well as elaborate, registration process as well as daily management by our staff of countless details in our system. Working with Regpack’s system has allowed us to enhance our registration process and the management of our data in a way even much more expensive solutions could not do.  Having worked with Regpack now, I can’t think of ever working another way and I can’t remember how we worked without it in the past!


Are you satisfied with Regpack’s volunteer management software? Would you recommend Regpack to other organizations? 

Regpack service is more than we could have ever expected. It has been our dream for some time to work with such a professional and streamlined registration system. Regpack is exactly what we were looking for as it fits our needs perfectly. We’ve found the system to be incredibly simple and easy to use. Since we first began working with Regpack, and every step of the way since then, any question we’ve had have always answered quickly by Hezi, our account manager. He has guided us with patience and accuracy and always has a quick solution to issues we encounter. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Regpack to other organizations.

Thanks Rotem for taking the time to talk with us! We love working with organizations who give their time to what they are passionate about. Providing meaningful and fun programming in Israel for Latin American Jew’s is a great service to their community and we’re happy to be a part of helping them give their participants the best experience possible. Learn more about Maccabi World Union’s Latin American department via their Facebook page!

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