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Regpack Feature Update: Zip Code Only Payments Are Here!

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As I mentioned in my last email introducing our new payment processor, CardConnect, we’ve been working on making the checkout process a lot easier for your clients. The partnership with CardConnect allows us to do just that!

The first of many changes you will be seeing is this update: Zip Code Only payments.

What are Zip Code Only Payments?

Zip code only payments means that clients will no longer need to enter their full address at checkout, only their zipcode. This might sound like a small change but it can be exhausting after completing several forms to again have to enter even more information to pay. Plus, since we’ve enabled it, it’s improved the number of checkouts by 11.6%!

While we were making this update, we decided to also populate the First and Last name as well as email address for the applicant, to make this process even quicker. As you can see in the image below, the applicant only needs to input their Credit Card number, CVV and expiration date, and then just add their zip code. Simple, fast, and secure!

Note: Zip code only payments are enabled only for US-based cards.

Do I need to do anything to enable zip code only payments in my system?

No! It is already enabled in all systems that are processing US credit cards. Just sit back and enjoy an easier, and quicker, registration experience!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas, questions or just want to say hi, feel free to send an email to

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