Childcare Management Software

Reduce Paperwork, Increase Enrollment, Maximize Your Revenue

We can build YOU an amazing child care management and before & after school care solution that makes enrollment, billing and payments a breeze!

Regpack embeds on your website, with your process, for a seamless registration experience with payment processing rates as low at 1.5%!

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The way registration is supposed to work.

Customize your online system!

Family registration, filtering by age, parent registration portal, multiple discounts and more to manage after school care and childcare facilities.

Registration happens on your website!

Don't send parents away from your website to register and pay. Registration forms embed right on to your website!

Payment Processing & Automatic Program Billing

Integrated payment processing. Charge parents, send invoices, set up automatic payment plans, and more from inside your registration portal.

Robust Filtering and Reporting

Create rosters, filter and target emails to parents, great payment reporting, and more.

Family Registration

Allow families to register multiple children easily. Parents can view and pay for all of their children under one account.

Program Scheduler and Check-In Tools

Schedule multiple programs and activities for parents to register for. Check-in children easily.

E-Signature & Waivers

Create a section for all of your waivers and legal documents you need parents to sign. They can e-sign right from their process, so you don't have to chase after them for signatures!

Affordable Online Payment Processing Rates

Rates start at just 1.5%! Give your families an easy way to pay you online!

Custom Form Builder

Create any form you need to get the information you need.

Personal Support

Regpack Project Manager's help you set up your registration so you're ready to go!

Variable Program Pricing

Create different pricing based on family type, registration or program selections.

Unlimited Emails

Create and send any amount of emails to families as you need.

Surveys and Parent Feedback

Quickly and easily create and send our surveys to parents during or after your program.

Create Multiple Projects + Free Templates

Create any number of projects you need, plus use our FREE templates to create the exact project type you need.

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When it comes to registration for anything, Regpack will do it and blow your mind!

Our old system wasn’t flexible, and with Regpack I can do what I need to do. Regpack is just so powerful!
avatar Amy Williams Student Ministries Coordinator