Scheduler lets you offer your applicants various time units to register for,

and includes quotas, waitlist, check-in and more!

session selection

The scheduler lets you create and offer your applicants various time units – units with characteristics in common can be grouped under schedules, which will share the same schedule name, color, and other functionalities.

You can make various adjustments to the functionality of the schedules and their individual time units, including triggering the time units so applicants will only see the time units that they’re supposed to. You can place the scheduler widget into any form. Any applicant that has a schedule associated with them can be checked in and out from this event.

Easily navigate time units by choosing a month or week view. From here, you can filter time units even further. You can run reports on these filtered time units, track attendance and check-in participants.

You can also create quotas for time units, so they will present to applicants only if they haven’t been filled, or present a wait list if it’s full.

Check-in Made Easy

Not only can admins check individual users in on the day of the event, applicants can also check themselves in!

Check-in is easy. You can easily search for participants in the admin back-end, and check them in, update their information, take a photo, or change their status.


"In order to have that great camp experience, you want a flawless system."
We want parents thinking, “Oh wow, Kee Tov has it together”. From the minute that they are interested, we want everything running smoothly. Regpack is more or less that foot in the door, it’s the first thing parents see when they’re getting into camp, so it better be good.
Zach Landres-Schnur
Camp Director