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Add Project to an Admin


Admin Management access will give you the ability to add Admins and change permission level(s) of existing Admins. Access to this feature will be limited to the owners of an organization.


Note that there can be more than 1 owner for an organization, and all are billed at the Super Admin level.


To access the Admin Management module go to the “Settings” tab and click “Admin Management”.



Click the “binder” icon to the right of the admin you want to add an additional project to.


add project to admin


This will also show you a list of all projects that admin is connected with.


Click the blue “Add Project” button at the bottom to add a project to this admin.


Once you click “Add Project”, you will be presented with a list of the projects associated with the admin, and the ability to edit access to all of their projects, as shown below.


You can use the red “X” to remove them from a project and the pencil icon to edit their access.


To add a new project, use the drop-down at the bottom to select the project and then select their access level and then click the blue “Add” button.


You can also block this admin or delete the admin from your organization in this dialog box.


Once you are done making changes, click the green “Approve and Perform Action” button at the bottom to save your changes.


If you click on the pencil icon next to their admin’s name, you will be able to edit the settings of the admin including their personal information.



This will open up a module to edit their access their profile and billing settings


Under the “Billing” tab, you can upgrade or downgrade their admin level. The price will be shown for each option based on your organization’s pricing rates.


If you are the owner of the organization, you can also set an admin as owner by toggling the “Organization Owner” section to “on”.


You can also edit the password for ths admin, if you are the owner under “Edit password”. Additionally, you can update their first name, last name and email address used to login.


add admin to project


Select the project you would like to add from the drop-down menu.


Click “Add +” then click the green “Approve and Perform Action” button.


The newly added project will appear at the bottom of the project access list.