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Add Project to an Admin

Inviting and managing your admins and what they have access to in your Regpack project (or projects) is easy.

First you need to decide which admin should have access to which project(s) and if you are going to place any further limitations (permissions) on them in a certain project.

Remember, access to Admin Management is limited to the owners of an organization. There can be more than one owner for an organization, but all are billed at the Super Admin level.

Start off by going to “Settings” and clicking “Admin Management“.

admin management

This will place  you in the Admin Management section, which is where you can invite new admins, upgrade/downgrade existing admins, edit admin billing levels, edit admin permissions per project, grant/revoke admin access to specific projects, and edit admin passwords.

admin management list

To edit a specific admin, first click their name. A side panel with their admin details will populate: Profile, Projects, and Billing.

  • Profile: this is where you can edit their login email, first name, last name, owner status, and password.
  • Projects: this is where you can grant/revoke access to specific projects and edit their permission levels per project.
  • Billing: this is where you can upgrade or downgrade their admin level (super, assistant, or view only).

When done, remember to click “Update Profile”, “Add Project”, or “Update Admin Level” respectively so the new information will take effect!

admin profile options

How to change or update an admins permissions on your project(s)

For now, we will focus on the Project option inside the admin profile. You should see the list of projects this admin currently has access to.

From here you can either add a project (bottom right) and “Grant Access” or edit their access to a project already in the list (hover over the project and click “Set Permissions”).

add project

Once you have given the admin access to a project, then you can set permissions and limit their access in that project. You will want to select “Limited Access” and save your selection.

Note that you can only set limits on the modules (products, reports, emails, and forms), which only Super Admins have access to, or with a pre-existing saved filter, which can apply to any admin. You also cannot set permissions on another owner.

If you need to limit what specific users (group of users) an admin can interact with, you will need to select a saved filter under the “User Access Level” section. Then hit “Set Permissions” to save  your selections!

admin permissions