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Admin Management Overview

Managing your admins and what they have access to in your Regpack project (or projects) is easy.

First you need to decide who on your team should have access and what level of access they should have: Super Admin, Assistant Admin, or View Only Admin.

Remember you can also set permissions (further restrictions) on any admin. And you can change the level of access each admin has at any time.

You can review our admin levels and corresponding price points here.

admin permissions and settings in regpack

Each Super Admin has the option to be an owner (highest level of access), but we only require there be one owner in each project. An owner can create new projects, while a non-owner Super Admin can create and manage the structure within the project they have access to. They can interact with anything in the Modules section.

Each Assistant Admin can edit applicant information (how someone answered a question, send an email, download a report), but cannot edit the structure of the system (form templates, email templates, report templates).

Each View Only Admin can see applicant information, but they cannot change anything.

Admin Management access will give you the ability to add Admins and change permission level(s) of existing Admins in your project.

Access to this feature will be limited to the owners of your organization. Note that you can have more than 1 owner in your organization, and they are billed at the Super Admin level.

To access Admin Management, go to the “Settings” section and click “Admin Management” towards the bottom.

admin management

This will take you to the Admin Management module, which is setup similar to that of User Management.

The admins in your project are listed in sequential order according to their level of access. Owners are listed first, followed by Super Admin(s), then Assistant Admin(s) and then View Only Admin(s). Any deleted admins or invited admins that have not logged in will be listed at the bottom.

admin management list

  • The Super Admin:  These admins have full access to all aspects of the project: reporting, editing users forms, managing user payments, etc…
  • The Assistant Admin: These admins will only have access to the user management tab, which will allow them to run existing reports and inspect and edit users forms.
  • The View Only Admin:  These admins will only have access to the user management tab as well, except that they will not be able to edit any user’s information, or run reports.

NOTE: Any Admin(s) set as a Super Admin will be charged as a Super admin even if they are “Pending”. This will apply if they haven’t logged into the system or if they have been downgraded to Assistant Admin for that billing cycle.