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Administrator Billing Cycle


There are 3 types of admins as explained in this article.


Any admin is billed according to the highest tier that that admin was in during the payment cycle.


I think an example explains it best:


Let’s say your billing cycle is on the first of every month. Let’s say you have a SUPER admin called Joe in your system. As part of some changes in your organization on the 10th of the month you make Joe a ASSISTANT admin. At that point, you will see that Joe is pending ASSISTANT until they log in again in which case the system will log them out and log them in again with their new abilities.


Since Joe was a SUPER admin part of the month, you will be charged according to the SUPER admin tier for that admin regardless of the fact that they are now an ASSISTANT admin. The following payment cycle, Joe will be billed as an assistant admin. He will stay at this rate until another change is made.


We thought it made sense to allow you to change an admin level at any given moment and not only at the beginning of a cycle. However, we will always bill the highest level of admin level that any given admin was during the payment cycle.


Another variable: If you upgrade Joe the next month back to full time, even if it is on the 29th of the month you will be charged for him for that payment cycle as well.


Generally, it more sensible to upgrade admins as close as possible to the beginning of the payment cycle and to downgrade them as close as possible to the end of the payment cycle so they will enjoy the extended abilities for as long as possible, and you will get the most bang for your buck.


To edit admin access, head over to “Settings” and “Admin Management” to make these changes.


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