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How to Change Admin Email Address


If you are an owner, you can change an admin’s email address easily when logged in to your account.


Start off by going to “Settings” and clicking “Admin Management”.



Once there, you can choose the admin whose email address you would like to change or edit.


Next to their name, click the pencil icon. You will see this pop-up appear:



Under the “email” field, simply change the email to the desired email.


You can also edit the admin’s password here by going to the “Edit password” tab.


If you’d like to delete this admin, simply click the red “delete admin” text.


You can also click the “Billing” tab and you can upgrade or downgrade that admin’s admin access. You will see prices included here as well so you can understand based on your organization’s number of users, what rate the admin will be billed at all admin options.


By clicking the “binder” icon to the right of the admin’s name, you can view and edit the projects they have access to as well.



Simply click the pencil icon to edit access or the red x to remove that admin from the project.


You can also set an admin as an owner here, by clicking the grey “set as owner” button. You can also block an admin account from this setting.


Be sure to click the green “Approve and perform action” button when you are done making changes.


Updating your email address is simple. Click your name at the top right and you can edit the email address associated with your admin account.


A special note about your login email vs. your organization’s system email.


System Email Settings


Our system automatically excludes duplicate email addresses and generic names such as “info”, “registrar” and other general email addresses. General emails should be used as the “system email” at the project level. You can set the system email under Settings —> Project Settings, under the “General” tab.


In the video, above,  you can see how to set your system email so that it can be shared with all admins when sending messages from your project. This helps to streamline communication with your users.