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How to Edit Admin Access


Admin Management access will give you the ability to add Admins and change permission level(s) of existing Admins. Access to this feature will be limited to the owners of an organization.


To access the Admin Management module go to the “Settings” tab and click “Admin Management”.



This will take you to the Admin Management module. It is set up similar to that of User Management.


The Admin are listed in sequential order according to their level of access. Super Admin(s) are listed first, then Assistant Admin(s) then View Only Admin(s). Any invited Admin that have not logged in will be listed at the bottom.


All Admin level(s) will show their pricing at the top of each category.  To add projects or edit permission levels, click the pencil next to the Admin name to access the settings menu.


edit admin access


Under the “Billing” tab, you can edit their admin access by either changing their admin level or deleting them all together. Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” when done.



edit admin access


You can delete an admin by clicking the red “Delete Admin” text at the bottom left of the dialog, above.


To edit or add projects to that admin, you’ll want to click on the binder icon to right of the admin in Admin Management.


Once you click the binder icon, you’ll see a list of the projects that admin has access to and the access level. You can click on the pencil icon to edit access or the red “x” to remove access.


You can also use the drop-down to select a new project and add the access level that you’d like this admin to have. Be sure to click the green “Approve and Perform Action” when you’re done.


edit admin access


NOTE: Any Admin set as a Super will be charged as Super even if they are “Pending”. This will apply if they haven’t logged into the system or if they have been downgraded to Assistant Admin.