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Editing Admin Details and Access

Admin Profile Access


You now have access to your profile details, that is your First name, Last name, Login email and password. Simply click your name in the upper right corner when logged in to Regpack and a pop-up will appear to edit these details.


If you are an account owner, you can access and make edits to all admins within your organization.


Admin Permission Changes


You can update the billing status of admins in your organization quickly and easily. These updates happen immediately and are reflected in your next billing cycle when downgrading and your current billing cycle when upgrading.


Please note: Billing status determines the ability of the admin in the system.

  • A Super Admin has full access to all elements in the system.
  • An Assistant Admin has access only to user management and payments and cannot access any settings.
  • A View Only Admin has access to user management and payments but does not have any editing abilities.


If you wish, you can fine-tune the permissions of each admin and add additional restrictions per project via the permissions section of the system.


Owners can make another admin an owner in their organization and edit information of other admins.


As a reminder, all owners in an organization must be Super Admins and automatically have access to all projects of your organization. If you set an admin to owner status, the system will automatically make them a Super Admin and this change will reflect on your current billing cycle.


System Email Settings


Our system automatically excludes duplicate email addresses and generic names such as “info”, “registrar” and other general email addresses. General emails should be used as the “system email” at the project level. You can set the system email under Settings —> Project Settings, under the “General” tab.


In the video, above,  you can see how to set your system email so that it can be shared with all admins when sending messages from your project. This helps to streamline communication with your users.