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Invite an Admin to Your Project(s)

Inviting and managing your admins and what they have access to in your Regpack project (or projects) is easy.

First you need to decide who on your team should have access and what level of access they should have: Licensed Admin, Collaborator, or View Only. You can reference this article for more details on each level’s capabilities.

Remember you can also set permissions (further restrictions) on any admin. And you can change the level of access each admin has at any time, but first you need to send them an invitation to join your team!

Start off by going to “Settings” and clicking “Admin Management“.

Admin Management

Once you are in the Admin Management section, you will be able to click the “+ Invite New Admin” button at the top.

Make sure you know their first name, last name, and email address, because the system will have you input those details, decide what level of admin access they should have, and what projects and/or permissions they should see. You can even specify that this admin should have access to all projects automatically when you create new projects.

Remember to click the “Go To Next Step” button at the bottom when you’re done!

invite new admin

As a reminder….

  • Licensed Admins:  These admins have full access to all aspects of the project: reporting, editing users forms, managing user payments, etc…
  • Collaborators: These admins will only have access to the user management tab, which will allow them to run existing reports and inspect and edit users forms.
  • View Only:  These admins will only have access to the user management tab as well, except that they will not be able to edit any user’s information, or run reports.