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Logout of My Admin Account

When working in the backend admin-side of your Regpack project, it is possible for you to log out as an admin at any point, no matter which module you are working in.

In fact, we recommend logging out of any online account (but especially your Regpack account) if you are working on a shared or public computer. Security is very important, and we want to keep your applicants’ information private.

To log out, simply find your name on the page you are viewing. You will see it at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

Once you click your name, a prompt will appear, asking if you wish to “Logout” or “Edit Profile.” From here you can update your password or easily log out of your account.

regpack admin logout

Regpack Login Security 

Note that when you login to your Regpack admin account, you may be prompted to enter a security code, which is sent to the email address of your admin account. If you don’t see the code arrive in your inbox, check your spam folder.

The security code is good for 10 minutes, whereupon it will expire and invalidate. You will need to request a new code if that occurs.

If the code you copy and paste from the security email within 10 minutes of requesting it is reading as invalid, then please double check that you have the most recent code, as sometimes the “send code” button is clicked more than once.

These security measures are in place to protect your admin account, your organization’s data, and your users’ data. These protocols are no different than similar login procedures at your bank or other secure online accounts.

If you continue to encounter issues, please reach out to our Support Team, either through the Help section in your project or directly by emailing support@regpacks.com.