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Re-Assigning Users to a New Admin

When you need to keep track of a specific group of users, it is useful to assign those users to an admin. But what happens when that admin is no longer a part of your staff? That responsibility and those users need to be transferred to a new admin before you kick out the old admin. So let’s walk through that process…


First, head over to your Users section.



Second, click inside the “Search” field and click “Application”. This will allow you to filter by specific criteria about their overall application (as opposed to specific criteria in their application).

filter by application


Then click “User Assigned to (admin)”. Now we can narrow down which admins to sort by, and then view the group of users we need to work with.

assigned to admin


Finally, select the admin(s) you would like to filter by. For our purposes today, just select the admin who you will be removing soon.

filter admin


Now that you have narrowed down your focus to the users assigned to a specific admin, you can select all those users and click “Tools”.

From here you can “Assign Admin to Users” and/or “Remove Admin Assignment from Users”.

user management tools drop down

  • “Assign Admin to Users” — you can select from a list of admins who have access to this project and re-assign your users to a new admin.
  • “Remove Admin Assignment from Users” — you can remove an assigned admin from your group of users and they will not be assigned to any admin.

You will probably want to select “Assign Admin to Users” and select a new admin.


Go ahead and click “Assign Admin to Users” and then select your from your list of eligible admins.

assign admin

Note: if you do not see a specific admin in your list, that means they do not have access to this specific project. You will need to go to “Admin Management” and add this specific project to their list.


Now that you have taken care of re-assigning your users to a new admin, you can go to “Admin Management” and delete your old admin.