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Reset Admin Password

The Regpack Admin Login Page is located at https://www.regpack.com/reg/admin/login/ and looks like this:

regpack admin login page

Once on the main login page, click “Forgot Password” and you’ll be taken to a new page where you need to enter your Regpack admin email address.

forgot password

Enter the email address that you have connected to the Regpack system. After you enter the correct email address, click the green “Renew Password” button.  You will receive an email to reset your password.

rest email sent

You will also be prompted to enter a security code to verify your identity. This is just a security precaution and helps us keep your account and user data safe. If you do NOT see a security code in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

security code

NOTE: Passwords MUST be at least 6 characters and we recommend it contain special characters, letters and numbers, and other attributes to a “hard” or “strong” password.

It is also possible to reset the password for a fellow admin in your organization, if you are an owner in your organization. Simply go to “Settings” and “Admin Management.”

admin management

This will take you to the Admin Management module. It is set up similar to that of User Management.

The Admin are listed in sequential order according to their level of access. Super Admin(s) are listed first, then Assistant Admin(s) then View Only Admin(s). Any invited Admin that have not logged in will be listed at the bottom.

admin management list

Click the name of the desired Admin.

Scroll down and you will see an “Edit Password” section under the “Profile” tab. Here you will be able to enter a new password for that admin.

Remember to click “Update Profile”!

edit admin password

If you’d like to change your own password, simply click on your name in the bottom left of any Regpack Admin page. You’ll see a dialog box pop-up that will allow you to edit your profile and password.

edit password

Password Security 

Whether you reset your password or another admin in your system, you will be required to enter a security code to gain access to your admin account. This security code will be sent via email to the email address associated with your admin account. If you do not see the security code email in your inbox, check your spam folder. You will be prompted by the system to enter the security code.