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Switching Between Multiple Projects


It is possible in our system for an organization to have multiple projects, systems or “Regpacks”. It’s also very easy to create new systems, either a copy of an existing system or by creating a new template.


If you have more than one project with Regpack, switching between them is easy to do. You can access your projects while operating in any of the management interfaces.


The module to switch between products is located on the top right of the system located next to your name.


multiple projects


Clicking the binder icon with the down arrow will expose your project list. This will show all of the projects you have access to.


If you have more than 5 projects in your system you will need to click the green “View All” button to see an expanded list of your projects.


Once you have a view of all of your projects, simply click on the one you want to access and the page will load to that project where you can begin making edits, changes, view data, run reports, and more.


You will also have the option to view any suspended projects in your organization that you have access to, by clicking the “View Suspended” button after you click “View All” on the project view.


multiple projects


Note: If you have multiple projects, always check to ensure you are in the correct project before you begin making edits or changes.


It has happened that an admin makes changes or edits to a form or product without realising they are in the wrong project. A simple way to check is simply refreshing the page. Sometimes you open and switch projects in one tab and then go back to work in another already open tab. Refreshing this will ensure you see the current project you are working in.