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Archiving an Applicant’s Product


Archiving products in an applicant’s cart will move that paid for product into the applicant’s previous orders, cancelling out their active balance for that product.


Note that only paid for products can be archived. Products which have not been paid for can either be deleted or left in the cart (depending on whether or not you expect the applicant to complete their payment).


To begin, make sure you are in User Management by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo:


Regpack Logo


Find your applicant and click on their cart. You can access your applicant’s cart by clicking on the first of 3 amounts you see to the right of their name. The first amount is their total cart, the second amount is their total payments, and the third is their total outstanding balance.


In the example below, the cart can be accessed by clicking on the $82 value.




Click “archive” next to any product or products you would like to archive. Keep in mind only fully paid products will display the archive button.


Once you click “Archive” next to one product, it will turn red. Continue to click “Archive” next to any additional products you would like to include in this archive. When you are done selecting products to archive, click the red “Archive Products” button at the top right.


archive products


Once you click “Archive Products”, you’ll have to make a choice on how to archive. Read the description below, and make the appropriate choice.


“What date do you want the order to be set for?” This will let you control how the “paid for” dates display on reports, and you’re given three options – Today’s date, the order date, or the date the product was originally marked as paid.


archiving applicants product


Click the green “Archive” button at the bottom right when you’re done!