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Archiving the Entire Cart for Multiple Applicants


Archiving the cart for multiple applicants will move all of their paid for products into their previous orders, canceling out their active balance for those products.


Note that only fully paid for products can be archived. Products which have not been paid for can either be deleted or left in the cart (depending on whether or not you expect the applicant to complete their payment).


To begin, make sure you are in User Management by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo.


Select the applicant or applicant’s whose cart(s) you would like to archive by checking the box(es) next to their name(s).


Select Users


Next, click “Tools” up at the top and a series of functions will appear. Select the “Archive cart” button under “Orders”.


archiving the entire cart


Here you’ll have to make a choice – read the two descriptions below and make your selections.


archive cart


You first choice is: “What date do you want the order to be set for?. This will let you control how the “paid for” dates display on reports. You can choose: today, the order date of the product, or the date the product was marked as paid.


Your second choice is: “Please select what you would like the system to do with unpaid items:” If you expect the applicant to complete a payment for unpaid products, then you’ll want to keep them in the cart.  If you do not expect the applicant to complete a payment (such as an applicant who abandons registration, or once it is too late to make a payment), then you can delete the unpaid products from their cart.


Once you have made the choices you want, click the green “Archive” button when you’re done!


You can also archive a user’s cart directly from User Management. This is a great option when you want to archive a single applicant’s cart. Simply click the first dollar amount to the right of the user’s name. In this example below, you’ll click the $82 value.


Then at the top,  click “Archive Cart”. You can also select “Archive” next to an individual product if you just want to archive one or a few products.


Follow the prompts to archive and you’re done!


Archive Cart