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Archiving Overview


Archiving is a feature which allows you to move products which applicants have recently paid for into a previous orders section, cancel these amounts out of their active cart. (see the below).


We have provided a number of different tools to help you manage this, including the ability to set rules for automatic archiving, as well as archiving at the product level, the cart level, and the individual product level.


Please click on the articles below to learn more about archiving your applicant’s previous orders!


Archiving an applicant’s cart

Archiving an applicant’s product

Archiving the entire cart for multiple applicants at a time

Archiving a single product for all applicants

Archiving multiple products for all applicants

Restoring products for an applicant

Restoring an archived product(s) for all of your applicants

Restoring multiple archived products for all of your applicants

General Product Settings – Setting up automatic archiving


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